Mobile Application Development

Hosting websites on mobile is the latest trend in Digital Media Marketing. We not only develop websites for desktops but also for mobiles. We have tied up with many e-commerce company’s around the globe to provide them with uninterrupted mobile applications support. Our team not only develop applications to support Android phones but also iPhones. A team is dedicated to develop mobile applications in Android and iPhones based applications.

People often ask the use of mobile website when they have a well designed and executed desktop website. A visitor might not experience your desktop website in perfect way on mobile. Having a mobile friendly website will give you an added advantage to attract visitors. Most of the subscribers use their smart phones to visit websites, therefore this is really important for you to have mobile friendly website or applications.

Creating a mobile website might need some time. We usually take 4-5 weeks for designing and developing a mobile friendly application.

The price of mobile application or website varies and depends on many factors such as:

o Number of pages
o Number of visitors expected in a day or month
o Is it an e-commerce website?

Our team will design your mobile application or website in a way that this will automatically change as soon as there are any changes made on the original desktop website.

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