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Execution of superbly designed website is the most important step in build end product i.e. website. Our web development team ensures that the dream design of your website is executed perfectly and you get one of the most efficient website in its category. The technologies used by Web Development team at Bally Chohan IT Solutions to develop websites are:

o Microsoft SQL Server
o Magento
o Word Press

ASP .NET is short form of Active Server pages .NET. This is used or developing rich and dynamic websites and applications. There are many advantages of building websites in ASP .NET. Some of the advantages of developing websites in ASP .NET are:

o Less coding required
o Safe and secured websites
o In time compilation
o Helps in building easy to perform tasks
o Very easy deployment

Using PHP and MySQL for developing websites means more versatility. This is an absolute open source. Some of the benefits of developing websites in PHP & MySQL are:

o This is an open source and hence no expenses.
o Design any website using this framework. Can handle any amount of traffic
o Programmers just love it because of its very easily readable
o This works on all major operating systems
o No need to worry about web server since this is accepted by all major web servers
o You can use any database with PHP since it supports all major databases

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